Keytar / キーボードギター

 Keytar, Keyboard × Guitar, type instrumental.

Keytar is popular used by Herbie Hancock, but this one is 100% Prince style. Prince have a patent(US) of this (detail is not known).

 First use is about 1995, color is gold. Prince usually hold this when he take solo part and step to front of stage.

 Tommy barbarella who was a keyboard player of NPG is another user of it. When Prince attended American Music Award 1995, he play this with hanging to up.


 Color is changed Gold to Purple later, able to see "Rave un to the year 2000".




(1995年のAmerican Music Awardではバーバレラが宙吊りにされながら必死にプレイする様子を見ることができる。)